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Show Discovery Status and Changes Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to find recent changes, for example, to an application, by rediscovering the CIs and jobs in a view.

To access

In IT Universe Manager:

  • To rediscover all CIs of a view, click the Show Discovery and Changes Summary button on the toolbar of the Browse Views tab in the CI Selector. The Show Discovery Status and Changes dialog box is displayed.

  • To rediscover one CI or several CIs in a view, select the CI and display the Discovery tab in the Advanced pane.

Important information

By default, you can run the rediscovery procedure on views that include less than 10,000 CIs.

To increase the number of CIs that you can rediscover in a view:

  1. Access the Infrastructure Settings Manager (Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager).

  2. Select the Max CIs in view supported to rediscover setting in the infrastructure settings table.

  3. Click the Value column and change the number.

  4. Restart the server for the change to take effect.

For details on working with the Infrastructure Settings Manager, see Infrastructure Settings Manager.

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See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description

Refresh. Refreshes the status of the selected CIs.

This button is disabled when there is no data to be reloaded.

Rerun Discovery. Reruns the discovery.
Discovery Progress Status on View For details, see Discovery Module/Jobs – Details Tab.
History Changes on View For details, see CI/Relationship History Dialog Box.