IT Universe Manager Page

This page enables you to define and manage the CIs and relationships in your views.

To access Select IT Universe Manager from the Navigation Menu or select Managers > Modeling > IT Universe Manager.
Important information

The IT Universe Manager page contains the following panes:

  • CI Selector. Displays the CIs of a selected view. You can select the view from a drop–down list or search for a specific CI. For details, see CI Selector.

  • Topology Map. Displays the CIs of a selected view in Map mode or Text mode.

  • Advanced Pane. Displays properties, history, and discovery for the selected CI or view.

  • Get Related CIs. This pane can be accessed from the Related CIs tab of the Topology Map. It controls the content of the display in the tab.

In IT Universe Manager, you can create new CIs, modify existing CIs, or delete CIs. All of these actions have a direct effect on the entire IT Universe model. For example, if you delete a CI in your view, that CI is deleted from the IT Universe model and no longer appears in any view.

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