Handling Large Views

The Topology Map cannot display a view with more than 900 CIs in a single layer. When you select a view which contains a layer with more than this number of CIs, the Topology Map appears empty. A layer with more than 900 CIs can be displayed in a table in Text mode.

To display large views in the Topology Map, use one of the following methods:

  • Reduce the TQL query results by redefining the view in the Modeling Studio. For details, see Change Query Node/Relationship Type Dialog Box.

  • Define a different hierarchy for the view to redistribute the CIs among the view's layers. For details on defining hierarchy, see Setting the View Hierarchy.

  • Reset the maximum number of CIs allowed in the configuration parameters. Select the Max Object Count GUI for TS parameter under Visualization Settings in the Infrastructure Settings Manager. However, be aware that increasing the maximum number of CIs per layer may significantly slow down the redrawing of the Topology Map.

  • For details regarding Infrastructure Settings Manager, see Infrastructure Settings Manager User Interface .

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