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Troubleshooting and Limitations – Topology Query Language

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for Topology Query Language.

  • When creating resources, such as TQL queries, views, and Impact rules, make sure that there are no spaces at the end of the resource name.
  • In a multi-tenancy environment, TQL query names cannot contain an @ character.
  • When importing a resource (for example, TQL query, view) in a multi-tenancy environment in Modeling Studio, for the import to work, the TQL query used for the creation of the view needs to have as consumer or owner tenant, the tenant associated with the user that performs the import. The user who performs the import of a view has to have at lest view permission on the TQL query used.

    The instructions below are an example for your reference:

    1. Create a tenant.
    2. Create a role with the following permissions: All permissions on view and folder, and permissions to access Modeling Studio.
    3. Create a user with the above role in the context of tenant from step a.

    4. Go to Modeling Studio > Resources > View, assign the tenant created in step a for the desired folder as owner tenant. (Meaning that the views are assigned to the tenant associated with the user who will perform the import.)
    5. Log in as the new user.
    6. In Modeling Studio, import a new view.
  • If an error occurs while working with views in the Modeling managers, when adding CIs to the CMDB, or when updating existing CIs, and the error log indicates that objects are missing in the database, do the following:

    1. Perform a DB backup.
    2. Access the JMX console and run the following methods under service=DAL services:

      • rebuildModelViews
      • rebuildModelDBSchemaAndViews

    Caution Invoking the above JMX method could drop the following: attributes, tables, indexes. Random usage is prohibited.

  • If the login takes a long time when navigating to the Modeling modules, go to Infrastructure Settings Manager and set the value of the mam.gui.automation.flow.mapping.enabled setting to false. This disables the Automation Flow functionality but improves the login time for the Modeling modules.
  • For TQL queries to be valid, they must comply with certain restrictions.