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Troubleshooting Deployment - Data Flow Probe

Probe Downgrade or Rollback

Automatic downgrade or rollback of the probe version is not supported. To perform downgrade or to rollback a version upgrade, uninstall the probe and then install the required version.


Probe Restart

There are several situations where the Probe automatically restarts itself. For example, when deploying a new Content Pack or applying a CUP. In these cases, the Probe waits for 15 minutes to allow the running jobs to finish, and only then shuts down. Jobs that did not finish in that time (for example, long integrations) start running again when the Probe restarts.


How to Change the PostgreSQL Database Default Port

To change the port for the PostgreSQL database, that is defined by default in the Data Flow Probe installation:

  1. Stop the Probe (if already started).

  2. Stop the UCMDB Probe DB Service.

  3. Modify the port in the following file:

    The following shows how to change the port from 5432 to 5433:

    Note If two probes coexist on the same machine, plan the port usage carefully so that the ports used by the two probes do not conflict.

    #port = 5432 # (change requires restart) < Old line

    port = 5433 # (change requires restart) < New line

  4. Make the following changes in the file (in C:\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\conf on Windows, and /opt/UCMDB/DataFlowProbe/conf on Linux):

    • Change:



    • Change:

      appilog.agent.local.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost/dataflowprobe


      appilog.agent.local.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5433/dataflowprobe
    • Change:

      appilog.agent.normalization.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost/dataflowprobe


      appilog.agent.normalization.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5433/dataflowprobe
    • Change:

      appilog.agent.netflow.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost/dataflowprobe


      appilog.agent.netflow.jdbc.uri = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5433/dataflowprobe