Configure the CTI application

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

In order for the Web client to accept Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) events, an administrator must configure the CTI application to submit proper Service Manager events.

If you used CTI from previous versions, you can clone records from HPE ServiceCenter 5.1 to Service Manager.

To configure the CTI application:

  1. Call Service Manager with a System Event type (ReceiveInteraction) to open an interaction.

    DDEExecute channel, "[SystemEvent(""ReceiveInteraction"", ""Contact Name"", ""Jones, Jerry"")]"

  2. The client receives this as a SystemEvent (this is a database) and finds the Record for that type of DDE.
  3. The application us.router call the program "us.fill.from.event" that looks at the "pmtapi" table for the System Event details.