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Extended Shell Interface

UCMDB 10.00 extended the Shell Interface to remove limitations when uploading files to, and downloading files from, Windows machines. This increased functionality applies to the NTCMD and SSH protocols, and UD Agents.

When uploading or downloading files to or from Windows machines, you can set the parameter setBandwidthLimit, to restrict network bandwidth consumption.

You can set this parameter in globalSettings.xml:

The property is shellGlobalBandwidthLimit. For shell objects that support file downloading and uploading, it sets a limit, in kilobits per second, on the amount of bandwidth consumed by the download or upload operation. The value must be a positive integer. The default is 0, meaning no limit. For example:

<property name="shellGlobalBandwidthLimit">0</property>

The speed can be overwritten at adapter level or at job level; for example, when installing or updating UD Agents.