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Import a UNL File into Service Manager

This task describes how to upload the cm4sm.unl UNL file to Service Manager, in order to activate the service that enables integration between Service Manager and Configuration Manager.

Note: Skip this task if your Service Manager is of version 9.30 or later.

To import the UNL file:

  1. In Service Manager, click Menu Navigation > Tailoring > Database Manager.
  2. Right-click the detail button and select Import/Load.
  3. In the Service Manager File Load/Import page, click Specify File and select <Configuration_Manager_installation_directory>/adapters/sm/cm4sm.unl.

    The file is loaded via the file browser.

  4. Enter the description in the Import Description box.

  5. Select winnt in the File Type list.

  6. Select a display option.

  7. Click Load FG to start loading.