How to Disable Call Home

This section describes how to disable the Call Home feature from different UCMDB components depending on your needs.

To disable Call Home completely, do all of the following:

Disable Call Home from Data Flow Probe

This task describes how to disable the Call Home feature from Data Flow Probe, which also frees port 80. This makes port 80 available if you need to use it for other purpose.

To do so,

  1. On the Data Flow Probe, locate the file in the C:\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\conf folder and open it using a text editor.
  2. Add the following line into the file:


    The default value for the setting is true, which means that the call home function is enabled the call home port is open.

    To disable the call home function, simply set the value to false.

  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the Data Flow Probe.

Note If you simply want to change the default port number for Call Home, see How to Enable Changing the Default Port Number for Call Home.

Disable Call Home from UD Agent

The Call Home feature can be disabled depending on the method that you use to install UD Agent.

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