Discovery Node Disk Requirements

The estimated minimum disk space requirements for a discovery node are as follows:

Type of Node Universal Discovery Agent and Scanner Inventory Data Utilization Data
Desktop/Workstation/Laptop 25 MB 250 KB- 3 MB 5-10 MB
Servers 25 MB 3-100 MB 50-100 MB


  • The size of the inventory data heavily depends on the scanner configuration and the size of the file system on the target computer being inventoried. These are guideline figures for typical computers scanned using default scanner configuration. If the scanners are configured to collect information on all files (not just executables) or for computers hosting very large amount of files that are being scanned and the information on which is captured into the scan file, the space required could be larger.
  • The size of the software utilisation data heavily depends on the amount of processes being executed and the length of the software utilization collection period. These are guideline figures, for computers hosting large amount of processes the amount of space required could be larger. Additionally, the value is estimated for one year of utilization data.

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