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How to Customize Platforms for Universal Discovery Agent Deployment

The configuration file AgentsSupportMatrix.xml is located in the UDAgentManagement package and controls the list of platforms on which the Universal Discovery (UD) Agent can be installed.

Owing to the large number of platform versions, as well as new platform versions emerging all the time, the configuration file does not include every possible supported platform on which the UD Agent may be installed and function correctly.

This task describes how to modify the AgentsSupportMatrix.xml file to include additional versions/distributions on platforms that have been tested and confirmed to support UD Agent functionality:

Note Any such modifications can be used only on an “as is” unsupported basis.

  1. Go to Data Flow Management > Adapter Management.
  2. Under the UDAgentManagement package, select Configuration Files > AgentsSupportMatrix.xml.
  3. Go to the relevant <operating-system> tag.

  4. Check if the version of the operating system already exists under the relevant <architecture> tag. If not, enter the unlisted version by copying one of the existing <version> tags, and replacing the name and display name values with the relevant new values.

    For example:


  • If the relevant operating system or architecture is not listed, create new tags for these.

  • To allow support for all versions of a particular architecture of an operating system, under that architecture's tag, uncomment the line: <version name="any" display-name="Any">.*</version>

  • For a list of out-of-the-box supported platforms and versions for the UD Agent, see the Supported Content section of the Universal CMDB Discovery and Integrations Content Guide.

  • For more information about UD Agent deployment, see Universal Discovery Agent Deployment.

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