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Available Troubleshooting Resources for UCMDB

  • Installation troubleshooting. Use to troubleshoot common problems that you may encounter when installing Universal CMDB, and the solutions to those problems. See Troubleshooting Deployment.
  • Login troubleshooting. Use to troubleshoot possible causes of failure to log in to Universal CMDB. See Troubleshooting – Logging In to UCMDB.
  • Software Self-solve knowledge base. Use to search for specific troubleshooting information on a wide variety of topics. Located on the Support site, the Software Self-solve knowledge base can be accessed by selecting Troubleshooting & Knowledge Base from the Universal CMDB Help menu.

    Note that only registered customers can access the resources on the Support site. Customers who have not yet registered can do so from this site.

  • Universal CMDB Log files. Use to troubleshoot CMDB runtime problems. For details, see UCMDB Log Files.
  • Data Flow Management log files. Use to troubleshoot DFM problems. For details, see Data Flow Probe Log Files.
  • Query log files. Use to view definitions for query parameter log files. For details, see UCMDB Log Files.