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Script Management

The scripts are stored in the database. This means that any script you change (add, modify or delete) on one node in a clustered environment, will be changed on all nodes. For details about the dynamic list properties and developing JavaScripts, see the Dynamic Options and Cascading Lists white paper.

  • Upload - Click to upload a script.
  • Download - Click the script name to download the script to your system.

  • Delete - Click the trashcan icon to delete a script. A confirmation dialog displays. If the script is being used by other functions, such as a service design, the dialog shows the function and number of occurrences that use the script. Click Show details to see where the scripts are being used.

  • Modify a script - You can modify the script in the inbuilt script editor. To do this, click the Configure Parameters link in the Edit Property window. Modify the script in the Script editor.

Caution In a clustered environment the script is removed or modified on all nodes.