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Integrate with content capsules

This section provides information about the Cloud Service Automation (CSA) and Application Release Automation (Codar) content that is available to all CSA and Codar customers.

Each content is delivered as capsules and can be deployed during the product installation or from the content store available on CSA and Codar.

Note Content store is an interface between CSA users and the ITOM Marketplace portal. It gives an easy access to all supported capsules.

What is are capsules?

Capsules are a bundle or collection of artifacts that cater to multiple cloud products and enable a CSA administrator to build and deploy rich cloud services. Each capsule contains CSA and Operations Orchestration (OO) artifacts.

Note Each capsule contains a different combination of artifacts based on its functionality.

The CSA artifacts include Service designs, Service offerings, Component templates, auxiliary files (JSP or JS files), database components and file system components. The OO artifacts include all the OO content packs.

Note A OO content pack contains all the OO flows and other operations that are linked by decision-making logic in order to automate tasks.

What is a manifest file?

Capsules contain manifest files. The manifest files are the contract of all artifacts present in the capsule and has information about the service designs, OO content packs, auxiliary files, and so on. The capsule installer reads the manifest file and executes the instructions.

Capsules are thus the new, easy and efficient delivery format to create and share CSA content across environments.

When are capsules released?

Capsules are released often to address the need to support new technologies and content fixes. New capsules are published on the ITOM Marketplace independent of the CSA and OO releases. We recommend that you often visit the ITOM Marketplace and subscribe to associated forum to be informed about changes in capsule.

CSA Out of the Box content obtained during product installation, upgrade, or directly from ITOM Marketplace comes with its own release notes and compatibility matrix.

For a complete set of supported content:

  1. Go to ITOM Marketplace
  2. Go to Hybrid Cloud Management

  3. Click Capsule. All capsules are displayed.

Cloud Service Automation Content Catalog is available at Service Automation (CSA)&version=All versions&company=All companies.

Note Download the CSA Content SDK to build your own capsules from The SDK contains a set of tools and best practices to build portable content known as Capsule. We encourage the overall CSA ecosystem to publish new capsules on ITOM Marketplace as community content.