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Topology Designs

Topology designs specify components, relationships, groups, and properties. In contrast to sequenced designs, which more explicitly define the provisioning order and the sequence of actions that will run, topology designs are declarative in nature and do not include explicit actions or sequencing. The provisioning sequence is inferred by the relationships that exist between components in a topology design.

Use topology designs for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments that are enabled via Chef, Puppet, Server Automation and Operations Orchestration flow-based components.

Each topology design component binds to a single provider for fulfillment automation. Topology designs delegate component lifecycle provisioning to providers.

Configuration Tips

Topology designs allow a subscriber in the Marketplace Portal to select an environment (which is a mechanism for grouping providers) and a set of providers (based on the components included in a design) when ordering a subscription. Environments are not mandatory. If an environment is not associated to a catalog, provider selection is not exposed to subscribers.

If you want the environment and provider to be available for the subscriber to select, the appropriate resource environments must be configured in the Catalogs area. For the design to provision successfully, at least one provider for each provider type that is configured in the topology design must be available in any of the environments configured in the catalog.

The subscriber selection works as described below:

  • If a subscriber selects Any Environment, a provider that belongs to any of the resource environments configured in the catalog will be randomly selected.
  • If a subscriber selects Any Provider within a selected environment, a provider will be randomly selected from all available providers in the selected environment.

If you do not want the resource provider selection option exposed to the subscriber for topology designs, set the following property in the file to false:


See Cloud Service Automation Configuration Guide for more information about setting this property.