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Cloud Analytics

HPE IT Business Analytics automatically gathers metrics from CSA to build key performance indicators. It provides scorecards and dashboards so that Resource Supply Managers and Service Business Managers have insight into how to measure and optimize the cost, risk, quality and value of IT services and processes.

In CSA, the Administrator, Resource Supply Manager, and Service Business Manager roles have access to the Cloud Analytics tile in the dashboard. Clicking on the tile displays the next level of tiles, which are :

  • Resource Analytics tile - Click this tile to launch a report that measures the cost and usage of resource providers in CSA. Administrators and Resource Supply Managers use this tile.
  • Service Analytics tile - Click this tile to launch a report that measures the revenue, cost, and profit margin for business services in CSA. Administrators and Service Business Managers, use this tile
  • Showback Report tile - Click this tile to view a showback report for an organization. Administrators and Service Business Managers use this tile.
  • Advanced Reporting tile - Click this tile if you want to launch a standalone version of HPE IT Business Analytics in a separate window. Also, this tile allows you to perform more advanced operations, such as running custom reports and drilling down into additional details about information provided in the report. Administrators, Resource Supply Managers, and Service Business Managers use this tile.


  • You must have HPE IT Business Analytics installed and properly configured in your CSA environment. See Cloud Service Automation Configuration Guide for more information on how to enable HPE IT Business Analytics in your CSA environment.