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Providers are management platforms that offer centralized control over the infrastructure and resources used in a cloud computing environment. For example, a provider such as infrastructure orchestration can deploy virtual machines, while a provider such as SiteScope can monitor applications.

A provider corresponds to the specific instance of an application that CSA can integrate with to help instantiate service designs. For example, to enable service designs that target infrastructure orchestration, you must first create a provider (with a provider type of Matrix OE) in the Cloud Service Management Console.

Provider Types

A provider type allows you to classify providers for improved filtering and identification. CSA includes some predefined, out-of-the-box provider types. Each instance of a provider can have a single provider type.

Each instance of a resource offering (used with sequenced designs) can have a single provider type. In addition, resource offerings can be associated only with providers that share the same provider type.

Topology components (used with topology designs) do not always have a provider type, but when they do, they have a single provider type.


You can perform the following tasks in this area:

  • View providers by type - In the drop-down box, select to view providers By Type. Provider types are listed in the left pane. The list of providers contained by the type displays in the right pane. Disabled providers are indicated by the Disabled label and will not be selected when provisioning new services.
  • Manage provider types - In the drop-down box, select By Type. Click the gear icon and select Manage Provider Types. For more information, see Manage provider types.
  • Create a Provider - In the drop-down box, select By Type. In the left pane, select All Providers or select the type for which you want to create a provider. In the right pane, select the Providers tab. Click the gear icon and select Create Resource Provider. See Creating, Editing and Deleting Providers for more information about configuring a provider.
  • See more information about a provider - Click a provider to see more information about the provider.

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