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Use the Catalogs area of the Cloud Service Management Console to create and manage service catalogs. These service catalogs allow you to publish service offerings to the Marketplace Portal.

In Catalogs, you can configure the automatically created, default Global Shared Catalog or you can create a new catalog and associate it with an organization. Multiple catalogs can be associated with the same organization. Any changes made to the Global Shared Catalog are visible in every organization's Marketplace Portal. The Global Shared Catalog cannot be deleted or imported, and excludes Access Control and Approval Policies.

Catalogs support the following roles:

  • As an Organization Administrator, you will see your own catalogs and the Global Shared Catalog. You will see service offerings that are published in your catalogs and you can publish service offerings that are created by users in your organization.
  • As a Consumer Organization Administrator, you will see only your organization's catalogs and have the ability to hide them or make them read-only. You have the ability to self-manage catalogs and create your own service offerings and publish them.
  • As a Tenant Administrator, you will have the ability to modify any service offering that belongs to your organization. You can also publish or unpublish to your organization's catalogs and to the Global Shared Catalog.


  • Create a catalog — Click the gear icon and select Create Catalog. In the Create Catalog dialog, select the organization to which the catalog will be associated, along with the name, description, and image. Then configure the catalog by providing information in the following areas:

  • Import a catalog — Click the gear icon and select Import Catalog. This action will import a catalog from the selected archive file. This import action is not available to a tenant administrator. See Import catalogs.