Value Mapping

The Value Mapping tab of a BDM mapping defines the value mappings between a Service Manager object and a BDM object.

The following describes the columns on this tab.

Column Name Description
Value Mapping Group The name of a value mapping group. A value mapping group contains a collection of enumerated BDM/SM value pairs.
BDM Values The values of the BDM fields.
SM Values The values of the Service Manager fields.
Description Description of the value mapping.

For example, below is a value mapping named impact, and there are four mapping entries for this value mapping group:

Value Mapping Group BDM Values SM Values
impact enterprise 1
impact site-dept 2
impact multiple-users 3
impact users 4

The name impact can be filled in the Value Mapping Group column on the Field Mapping tab:

SM Object Field Direction BDM Object Field/Attribute SM Default Value SM Callback BDM Default Value BDM Callback BDM Type Value Mapping Group
initial.impact <-> impact_scope impact

This means when mapping the Service Manager object to the BDM object, if the value of field initial.impact of the Service Manager object is 2, the value 2 will be mapped to site-dept for the field impact_scope of the BDM object, and vice versa.