Clone a request model

Security Roles: Request Process Owner

To clone a request model with task information, follow these steps:

Note If you want to edit a Micro Focus Proprietary workflow or use it as a model, create a copy of the Micro Focus Proprietary workflow.

  1. Click Request Fulfillment > Configuration > Request Models from the System Navigator. All request models are displayed.
  2. Click Search, and then select a request model.
  3. Click Clone. The system opens the Clone Model page.
  4. Specify a new unique ID and a name for the cloned request model record.
  5. Select the Copy task information from another model check box, and then click the Fill icon to select another request model from which the task information will be copied.

    Note that if the request model you selected has a different task workflow than the current one, the copied task workflow may not work correctly if you use this cloned model.

  6. Click OK.

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