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Viewing Permissions While Running Jobs

During a job run, you often need to know which credentials are being used to connect to a component in the system. You also often need to know the effect of a run on network performance, for example, whether the job should be run at night instead of during the day. View Permissions enables you to view the objects and parameters of a job's Jython script commands, as can be seen in the following image:

Note The information you define here is not dynamic, that is, if an adapter is changed, the information in this dialog box is not updated.

For details, see Discovery Permissions Window.

Example of Using the Discovery Permissions Window:

You are running the Host Connection by Shell job to discover a host running on a UNIX system. An error message in the Discovery Progress pane shows that Universal Discovery could not access a host through SSH because permission was denied. You display the Discovery Permissions window and see that the command to access the host requires a user with a certain level of permissions. You check the SSH Protocol window and discover that the user defined there does not have that level of permissions.

To resolve the problem, change the user in the SSH protocol or update the permissions for the existing user in the external system.

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