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How to Manually Activate Modules/Jobs/CIs

You can manually activate modules/jobs/CIs in the Discovery Modules/Jobs tab.

To manually activate a module/job:

In the Discovery Modules pane, select the module/job, and click Activate .

To manually activate a CI:

  1. Select the job with the CI you want to activate manually.

  2. Disable the Data Flow Probes for the job: In the job's Properties tab >Trigger Queries pane, select the query, and in the Probe Limit column, click the button and ensure that no Probes are selected.

  3. Manually activate CIs: In the Details tab, in the Discovery Progress pane, click the Add CI  button and manually add CIs.

    The job runs using only the redispatched CIs. For details, see Discovery Modules/Jobs – Discovery Modules Pane.

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