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How to Verify Whether a Discovery Job Supports IPv6

This task described how you can verify whether or not a particular discovery job or integration supports IPv6. If the adapter used by the job supports IPv6, then the job supports IPv6.

  1. Go to Data Flow Management > Discovery Modules/Jobs, and select the job.
  2. In the Details tab, IPv6 Support displays whether or not the job supports IPv6.

Note The adapter's Support IPv6 setting controls whether the IPv6 triggers are dispatched to the jobs or not. While this setting can be changed, you must never make such a change for any of the out-of-the box adapters. If the job does not have the IPv6 support yet, enabling IPv6 support for its adapter will prevent the job from working correctly.

To see a full list of adapters that come packaged out-of-the-box with UCMDB Content Packs that do support IPv6, see the section describing IPv6 support in the Universal CMDB Discovery and Integrations Content Guide.

To change the IPv6 support for a user-defined adapter only:

  1. In Adapter Management, select the adapter.
  2. On the Adapter Configuration tab, under Trigger Dispatch Options, select (or clear) Supports IPv6.