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How to Create Management Zones

This task describes how to create a Management Zone.

  1. Prerequisites. Verify that one or more Data Flow Probes/probe clusters have been added to UCMDB and that their network ranges are defined.

    This is not a must, but the management zone activities will discover nothing if no valid ranges are defined in related probes.

    For details, see How to Add Data Flow Probes to UCMDB.

  2. In the Data Flow Management module, go to Universal Discovery > Zone-based Discovery tab, right-click the folder under which you want to create the Management Zone, and then click New Management Zone from the context menu.

  3. In the New Management Zone dialog box, enter a name for the Management Zone.

    Note Naming conventions:

    • The name can contain the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphen (-), underscore (_), and space ( ).
    • The name is not case sensitive; for example, mz1/mZ1/Mz1 are all the same.
    • The name must not start with a digit.
    • The name must be limited to a length of 50 characters.
  4. Select a method for defining ranges for the Management Zone, and define the ranges.

    • To bind the full range of selected Data Flow Probes/probe clusters to the Management Zone, select Use full Data Flow Probe ranges, and select the Probes/probe clusters to bind to the Management Zone.
    • To select partial ranges from selected domains, select Define partial ranges on domains. Select the domains, and in the right pane, define the partial ranges to bind to the Management Zone.

    For more details, see New/Edit Management Zone Dialog Box and New/Edit Range Dialog Box.

    Note In order to get predictable discovery results, we recommend that when defining the ranges for your Management Zones, they are configured in such a way so that all related IP addresses for a particular discovery node belong to the same Management Zone.

    If IP addresses belonging to one discovery node span more than one Management Zone, and the Management Zones are ranked at different levels, unpredictable discovery results may occur. This is because the IP address that was selected to communicate with the discovery node is used to determine which Management Zone the discovery node belongs to, and that address may not always belong to the Management Zone with the highest rank.

  5. (Optional) Click the Settings tab to configure settings for the Management Zone. For details, see New/Edit Management Zone Dialog Box.

  6. Click OK to save the Management Zone.

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