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How to Rank Management Zones

Management Zone ranking is used when a job's trigger belongs to more than one Management Zone. This could occur when Management Zone ranges overlap, or when a trigger has more than one related IP address and each of these IP addresses belongs to a different Management Zone.

Note As noted when defining ranges for your Management Zones, if you are aware of a discovery node having multiple IP addresses, we recommended that all of these IP addresses are included in the ranges of only one Management Zone. If IP addresses belonging to one discovery node span more than one Management Zone, and the Management Zones are ranked at different levels, unpredictable discovery results may occur.

For more information and an example, see Management Zone Ranking.

This task describes how to assign ranks to Management Zones.

  1. In the Zone-based Discovery view, select the Root folder in the Managements Zones tree.

  2. In the Management Zone Actions pane on the right, click View/Edit Management Zone Ranks .

    The Management Zone Ranking dialog box opens:

    • The Ranks tree displays all the defined Management Zones.

      Note By default, when Management Zones are created, they are ranked at level 1.

    • When you select a Management Zone in the tree, the right pane displays the Management Zones whose IP ranges overlap with the selected Management Zone.

    • The IP ranges of the selected Management Zone are displayed in the lower area of the right pane.

      Note The ranges displayed in the lower area of the right pane belong to the Management Zone selected in the Ranks tree, and not to Management Zones selected in the overlapping Management Zones area.

  3. To assign a different ranking to a Management Zone, select the Management Zone in the Ranks tree and click the Rank Higher / Rank Lower button.

    Note After deactivating a discovery activity in a management zone of a higher ranking, make sure you reset the ranking of management zones with overlapping IP ranges, otherwise jobs in the lower ranking management zones with overlapping IP ranges will not be triggered.

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