Discovery Modules/Jobs – Properties Tab

Enables you to view and administer the properties of modules and jobs.

To access Select Universal Discovery > Discovery Modules/Jobs tab > Discovery Modules pane > a module/job > Properties tab.
Important Information

Depending which level you select in the Discovery Modules pane, different information is displayed in the Properties tab.

If you select:

  • The Discovery Modules root, all active jobs are displayed with scheduling information. Click any of the columns to sort the list by that column. Right-click a job to edit its scheduling. For details, see Discovery Scheduler Dialog Box.

  • A Discovery module, the Description and Module Jobs panes are displayed.

    To edit a description, make changes in the Description pane and click OK.

    See also Module Jobs Pane.

  • A job, the Parameters, Trigger Queries, Global Configuration Files, and Discovery Scheduler panes are displayed. For details, see below.

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