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Integration Studio Overview

The Integration Studio is where you manage your UCMDB integration points and connect and share information with external repositories, such as other CMDBs, IT Performance Suite products, or third-party products.

Integration with other products is performed over secure communication channels through Data Flow Probes.

Alternatively, if your remote managed data repositories are accessible from the UCMDB server machine, non-Jython-based integrations can be performed using the UCMDB Integration Service, enabling the Data Flow Probe resources to be used for other discovery tasks.

Note The UCMDB Integration Service is supported in a standalone UCMDB environment only.

Integration points in the CMDB are based on adapters, which are entities that are capable of communicating with external data repositories. A basic set of adapters is provided with the CMDB; however, you can create additional adapters using the Federation Framework SDK. For details, see Add an Adapter for a New External Data Source.

You can also create adapters in the Adapter Management module. For details, see Resources Pane.

For details about how to set up integration points for data integrations, see Integration Studio Page.

Note The following OOTB adapters deployed should not be deleted:

  • HistoryDataSource - A federation adapter of UCMDB with its history data. You can build TQL queries to check the history changes of CIs. For example, attribute changes.
  • UCMDBDiscovery - Not a real adapter. It is based on the API adapter and its only usage is to allow you to configure reconciliation priority of all discovery jobs with other integrations jobs from other data sources.

Integration points can be of one of the following types:

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