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How to Configure Probe IP Ranges with Active Directory

This integration retrieves the latest site information (including IP subnets) from Active Directory. This lets you configure the IP ranges contained in the Data Flow Probe according to the contents of the Active Directory.

  1. Run the following jobs:

    1. Range IPs by ICMP or Range IPs by NMAP

    2. TCP Ports

    3. Active Directory Connection by LDAP

    4. Active Directory Topology by LDAP

  2. Add the Active Directory Topology by LDAP to the Integration.

    1. Go to Adapter Management > Resources pane > expand Packages, expand Active Directory, click LDAP Active Directory Connection.
    2. In the Details pane, click Used as an Integration Adapter. In the Adapter Category field, type "Active Directory".
    3. Go to Integration Studio > Integration Point pane, click Active Directory Topology. In the Integration Jobs pane, click . The Configure Probe Range by Active Directory dialog box opens.
    4. In the list of Data Flow Probes, select the server that you want to configure. In the list of Active Directory servers, click the server that contains the site information you want to use to configure the Data Flow Probe. Click . A new dialog box opens.
    5. Accept the default IP range and save your changes.

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