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How to Remove Adapter Defaults

To remove an adapter default, you must delete the code that defines it from its base adapter's .xml file.

  1. Locate the adapter on which the adapter default was based. (Adapter Management > Resources pane).

    Tip Alternatively, you can access the adapter from the Integration Point pane by right-clicking the relevant integration point and selecting Go To Adapter.

  2. Right-click the adapter and click Edit Adapter Source.
  3. In the adapter's .xml file, locate the following line:

    • Non-Jython adapters:
      <adapterTemplate name="<adapter_default>" description="">
    • Jython adapters:
      <adapterJythonTemplate name="<adapter_default>" description="">

    where adapter_default is the name of the adapter default.

  4. Delete the all the code from this opening tag to the closing </adapterTemplate> (or </adapterJythonTemplate>) tag.

    Caution Do not delete the following line: </adapterTemplates>

  5. Save your changes.


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