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How to Add Reconciliation Priority for API-based Integrations

  1. Add dataStoreOrigin parameter for the UCMDB user used by the API integration.

    1. On the UCMDB server, launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console

      You may have to log in with a user name and password. (Default user name: sysadmin)

    2. Locate UCMDB:service=URM Services and click the link to jump to the Operations table.

    3. Locate and invoke the listResources operation with the following parameter values:

      customerID: Enter your customer ID (default: 1)

      resourceType: Auth_USER

    4. On the returned result page, select the user (for example, admin) used by the API integration.

    5. In the Resource XML window, add the following to the xmlAuthUser definition tag:


    6. Click Save resource.

  2. Go to UCMDB UI > Data Flow Management > Integration Studio, and create an integration point based on the UCMDB API Population adapter. Set the same integration name to the user dataStoreOrigin.

  3. In the Integration Studio module, right-click the integration point you just created, select Reconciliation Priority Manager and define the priorities.

    For detailed instructions, see How to Add Reconciliation Priorities to a CI Type and Reconciliation Priority Window.

Note In cmdb.reconciliation.audit.log, the API bulks will be logged with the new context:

INFO   [qtp1666398047-387] -  [ID=1556106913] [Customer ID=1] [Changer=AnyValue: User:admin,LoggedInUser:admin] [total= 0.267]

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