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Creating Template Based Views

Template-based views based on the same template contain the same query nodes and relationships. They differ only in their parameter values. You create template-based views using the Template-based View wizard. The wizard enables you to create multiple views at one time based on the same template. When creating multiple views, you have the option of entering parameter values manually or importing them from a CSV file. The CSV file must be formatted correctly for the wizard to import the values. It must contain the name of at least one of the template parameters in the first row and it must contain at least one record. The records should be in separate rows and the parameter values for each record should be in the same row, separated by commas.

The wizard also provides an Advanced Naming feature, which enables you to define an expression for the view names based on parameter values. For example, if your base template is called Server_Template, and one of the template parameters is Serial Number, you could define the view names to be Server <Serial Number>. In this way, the wizard automatically inserts the respective value of the parameter Serial Number into the name of each view.

An alternate way to assign names to the views when importing values from a CSV file is to include a column in the file called template_based_view_name. The file entries corresponding to this column are automatically entered by the wizard as the view names. Note that this naming method overrides the Advanced Naming feature; that is, view names are assigned the entries in the template_based_view_name column of the file, even when the Advanced Naming feature is selected.

For details on creating template-based views, see Template-based View Wizard.

You can also edit the parameters of a template-based view when the view is open in the Editor, from the Template Parameter Values dialog box. For details, see Template Parameter Values Dialog Box.

You cannot edit the report layout for a template-based view. To change the report layout, you need to make changes in the base template of the view.

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