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Use OOTB Database Views for Reporting

The out-of-the-box (OOTB) or factory database views can be used for reporting as long as you perform read-only operation.

The views names are stored in the CLASS_MODEL_ENCODING table. You can find names of database views for each CIT by executing the following select statement:


There is no clear rule for determining the view name based on the class name. Usually if the table name is CDM_<CLASS_NAME>_<CUSTOMER_ID>, the view name is something similar to <CLASS_NAME>_<CUSTOMER_ID>. But for some classes where the name length is greater than 32 characters (Oracle limitation), the table name and view name might contain number sequences. Therefore the best solution to find a view name is to run the above select statement.


  • Database views will change when the Data Models are updated.

  • Running more than 10 reports with large amount of data may lower the UCMDB performance.
  • Run the DB views reports only when no discovery, enrichments, integration, aging, or purging runs.
  • Only database views should be used for reporting, not tables.

For details about how to define report setting, see How to Define Report Settings.

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