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Install Content Capsule

You can install the content capsule in a HCM suite environment :

In HCM Suite Environment

During HCM Installation, you can choose to deploy the content capsules in your environment. The content capsules are grouped under tags/ tiles. Select the tag/ tile according to the required capsule grouped under the tags/ tiles as mentioned below:

  • Compute
  • Network
  • Application
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance
  • IT management
  • Others.

Note You can choose a particular category (tag or tile) and deploy all the capsules available in that category.

After installing HCM, if you have to deploy content capsules, you can choose to deploy using Content Store or Capsule Installer.

Using Content Store

Follow the steps to install content capsule using the Content Store:

  1. Log on to the Cloud Service Management Console as an administrator.
  2. From the My Applications panel, go to the Settings tab and configure access to ITOM Marketplace content store.

    Note This configuration must be done when you log in for the first time only.

  3. From the My Applications panel on to the Cloud Service Management Console, go to the Content Store tab.

  4. Browse, search, filter and deploy the content capsules automatically.

For more information, see the CSA Administrative Guide from HPE Software Support.

Using the Capsule Installer

Follow the steps to install content capsule using the Capsule Installer:

  1. Download the latest Capsule Installer (Installer and Content Installer Guide) from

    Note Make sure that you use the appropriate version of the Capsule Installer that corresponds to the CSA environment.

  2. Run the CSA Cloud Content Installer manually in the GUI mode or Silent mode. For detailed information, see Cloud Content Capsule Installer for details.

After you install the content capsule, you must configuring an offering in CSA and subscribe to a service.