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Add or edit CSA properties

You can edit all the CSA properties in HCM through the hcm-csa.yaml file. Some of the properties already exist in the hcm-csa.yaml file as environment properties which can be modified. If a property that needs to be modified does not exist in the file, it can be added. All the properties must follow the following naming conventions:

  • It must begin with 'CSA_PROP_'
  • All dots (.) should be converted to underscore (_)
  • If there is a case change from lower to upper in a property, both must be separated with an underscore (_): Example RequestEngine must be converted to REQUEST_ENGINE.
  • The property should be in upper case

Note These naming conventions are only applicable when you are customizing the properties present in file to define environment variables in hcm-csa.yaml file.


Consider the property for request engine thread wakeup time – com.hp.csa.RequestEngine.THREAD_WAKEUP_TIME

This environment property must be added in the hcm-csa.yaml file as:


To add or edit a property in the hcm-csa.yaml file

  1. Log on to the shared platform dashboard using the URL https://{hostname}:5443.
  2. Select the HCM namespace.
  3. Click Deployments under Workloads.
  4. Click the action menu of hcm-csa deployment, on the right side and select View/edit YAML.
  5. Scroll down to environment properties.
  6. Edit the existing properties or click Duplicate to add a new property.
  7. Make the required changes and click UPDATE.

Note The .yaml file does not support space characters and tabs. Make sure that you remove any such instances before saving the file.