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Configure the Showback Report Menu

The (Undefined variable: CSAVariables.tabMPP_ShowbackReport) menu in the Marketplace Portal is a link to HPE IT Business Analytics, which automatically gathers metrics from CSA to build key performance indicators. HPE IT Business Analytics provides scorecards and dashboards so that a Consumer Organization Administrator has insight into how to measure and optimize the cost, risk, quality, and value of IT services and processes.

In the Marketplace Portal, the Consumer Organization Administrator role has access to the Showback Report tile. By default, the Showback Report menu is enabled in the Marketplace Portal. However, you must configure the hostname of the system on which HPE IT Business Analytics is installed to link to HPE IT Business Analytics from the Marketplace Portal. Additionally, to ensure seamless navigation between the Marketplace Portal and HPE IT Business Analytics, configure HP SSO between the Marketplace Portal and HPE IT Business Analytics.

Configure the Link to HPE IT Business Analytics

  1. Navigate to the PERSISTENT_VOLUME_PATH/sync/mpp/portal/node_modules/mpp-server/conf/ directory.
  2. Make a backup copy of the dashboard.json file.
  3. Open the dashboard.json file in a text editor.
  4. Locate the following section:

    "label": "common.items.SCORECARD",
    "icon": {
       "className": "icon-status"
    "link": {
       "url": "https://<CONFIGURE_HOST_NAME>/
       "target": "_blank"

  5. Replace <CONFIGURE_HOST_NAME> with the host name of your HPE IT Business Analytics installation.
  6. Save and exit the file.
  7. If you are logged in to the Marketplace Portal, clear the browser cache (see Clear the web browser cache for information about how to clear the web browser cache) and refresh the browser.

    Note The changes to the dashboard.json file do not require you to restart the CSA pod.

Configure HP SSO

To ensure seamless navigation between the Marketplace Portal and HPE IT Business Analytics, HP SSO must be configured for CSA and HPE IT Business Analytics. Note the following:

  • Verify that HP SSO for HPE IT Business Analytics is configured to enable logging on to the Marketplace Portal. See the HPE IT Business Analytics Administrator Guide for more information about configuring HP SSO for HPE IT Business Analytics.
  • For SSO between CSA and HPE IT Business Analytics to work successfully, both products must be installed on machines that are in the same Domain. The value of Domain and Protected Domain parameters specified for HP SSO configuration must be the same.

    Note As HP SSO is enabled by default, if you disable HP SSO manually, seamless navigation between CSA/Marketplace Portal and HPE IT Business Analytics will no longer work.

  • You must configure users for both CSA and HPE IT Business Analytics for single sign-on (each user must have the same name and password). You can also configure LDAP users for single sign-on. To enable single sign-on for LDAP users, you must either configure CSA and HPE IT Business Analytics to use the same LDAP source or, if CSA and HPE IT Business Analytics use different LDAP sources, configure the same users in both sources. In either case, the CSA user must be assigned to the appropriate role to access the menu that launch HPE IT Business Analytics and the HPE IT Business Analytics user must be assigned a role that allows it to perform the expected functions in HPE IT Business Analytics.

  • When configuring HP SSO, the initString setting for the Cloud Service Management Console/Marketplace Portal, and HPE IT Business Analytics must be configured to the same value. The value of the initString attribute is configured in the crypto element in the PERSISTENT_VOLUME_PATH/jboss-as/standalone/deployments/idm-service.war/WEB-INF/hpssoConfig.xml file. Use this setting to configure the Cloud Service Management Console/Marketplace Portal , and HPE IT Business Analytics.

    The initString value represents a secret key and should be treated as such in your environment.