Use > Catalogs > Offerings


The Offerings tab shows the service offerings that have been published into the selected catalog, including the date and category. A published service offering displays in the Marketplace Portal in the category to which it was assigned. By default, a service offering inherits its approval process and approval policy from the default set in the service catalog.


  • Make a selection from the All Categories list to filter the categories.
  • Add an offering — Allows you to add a service offering into a catalog and then publish it. Choose an offering from the Select Service Offering list. You can also use search to find a specific offering. Then select a category from the In Category drop down list into which the offering will be published. Optionally, you can select an Approval Policy if an offering requires manager approval. Click Publish.
  • Change an approval policy — Allows you to change the approval policy for a published offering. For a certain category, click the gear icon and select Change Approval. Optionally, when you are preparing to publish a service offering design, you can also change the setting from No Approval.
  • Unpublish service offering — Unpublishing removes the service offering from the category. For a certain offering, click the gear icon and select Unpublish.
  • Link to the offering — Click the offering name to link to the Offerings area of the Cloud Service Management Console.