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Manage environments

You can perform the following tasks in this area:

  • Create a resource environment - Provide the information listed in the table below.
  • Edit a resource environment - See the table below for the items you can edit.
  • Delete a resource environment - An environment can be deleted only if it is not associated with a service catalog. When an environment is deleted, its associations to providers are automatically removed.
Item Description
Display Name The display name you provide for the environment.
Description The description you provide for the environment.

An image that displays for the environment. Click Change Image. Choose the image you want, and click Select. Click Upload Image to add your own image. Supported file extensions include .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png. The recommended image size is 256 by 256 pixels, and the image will be scaled to the appropriate size. The images are stored in the %CSA_HOME%\jboss-as\standalone\deployments\csa.war\images\library folder of the CSA server.