Administer > Settings > Configure Content Store Settings

Configure Content Store settings

The Content Store section of the Settings tile allows you to configure a valid Marketplace connection to enable ITOM Marketplace from the Content Store tile. You must have the Administrator role to access and configure these settings.

When this configuration is validated, the CSA Content Manager role can access the Content Store tile. See Content Store.

To configure the Content Store settings:

  1. In the Settings navigation frame, select Content Store.
  2. Provide or update the following information:

    HPE Passport Credentials
    Item Description
    User Name

    The HPE Passport account user ID. To register for a Passport ID, click here.

    Password The password for the HPE Passport account.
    Connection to ITOM Marketplace
    Item Description
    Service Access Point

    The URL for connecting to the ITOM Marketplace service:

    Connection Timeout (s)

    The time in seconds that the connection remains until a timeout occurs.

    Default: 10

    Proxy Server Specify a proxy server URL, including the port number, only if a proxy is needed to reach ITOM Marketplace.
    Proxy User Name The proxy server user name, if the proxy server needs to be authenticated.
    Proxy Password The password for the proxy server.
  3. Click Validate.

    The validations pass/fail message appears at the top of the window.

    Validation passed - the settings are all valid and the Content Store tile can be enabled.

    Validation failed - one or more settings are not valid and the Content Store remains disabled.

    Note If the validation fails, check the following:

    • You have access to the internet through the proxy information you provided.
    • Your HPE Passport credentials are correct.
    • You have permission to access the CSA product page on ITOM Marketplace.
  4. Click Save when the configuration is validated to enable the Content Store tile. See Content Store.