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Build your First Capsule

Prepare Capsule Directory Structure

Best Practices

  1. Create a master directory and name it appropriately, so that it contains all your use cases (treat this as Use Case Depot).
  2. Create separate child directories for each of your use case.
  3. Browse to the use case directory and create a directory to keep all the Service Designs and Service Offerings.

    1. If you have dependent sequential Component Palettes, it is mandatory to place them in the same directory as Service Design/Offering.
    2. If you have multiple Service Designs/Offerings and each have different Sequential Component Palette dependency, then create individual directories for the combination of Service Design/Offering and dependent Component Palette archives.
  4. Create a directory for your Operation Orchestrations (OO) content.
  5. If you have multiple OO contents, create sub-directories under the OO directory to place all the OO contents separately.
  6. Create a directory named "tools", if you have auxiliary file system components, such as additional .jar/JSP/scripts files.
  7. Create a directory for Component tools files, if you have Topology designs and there are additional components.


--Usecase Depot

Examples with contents

--Usecase Depot
	-HPE OpenStack