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What's New in CMS Version 10.11

Version 10.11 of the Configuration Management System is comprised of Universal CMDB 10.11 (UCMDB), Universal Discovery 10.11 (UD), and UCMDB Configuration Manager 10.11 (CM).

This release enables a higher level of enterprise readiness by:

  • Allowing you to manually assign additional roles to integration users, which will be maintained regardless of the LDAP mappings or user logins
  • Providing support for Safari on Mac OS X for UCMDB UI
  • Allowing you to restrict user access to a limited subset of the UCMDB server JMX methods
  • Providing new Licensed OSIs Report
  • Offering enhanced execution of Push jobs
  • Extending support coverage on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (Datacenter and Standard)
  • Providing support for Firefox ESR 24 and Windows Internet Explorer 11
  • Adding more debugging options to provide easy access to communication log and to allow you to run scanners with debug/trace log
  • Allowing you to use the UCMDB interface to create filters to include or exclude specific CIs during discovery population
  • Offering performance improvement for the Inventory Discovery by Scanner job, the Data Flow Probe during redundancy checks, and PostgreSQL JDBC