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What's New in CMS Version 10.21

Version 10.21 of the Configuration Management System consists of Universal CMDB 10.21 (UCMDB), Universal Discovery 10.21 (UD), and UCMDB Configuration Manager 10.21 (CM). Version 10.21 is released in the same time frame with UCMDB Browser version 4.02 and Content Pack 16.00.

This release focuses on providing more content coverage with Automated Service Modeling, adding support for FIPS 140-2 and JRE 8, offering enhancements to the UCMDB Integrations with critical products such as Service Manager and Asset Manager, and providing new and enhanced discovery troubleshooting capabilities.

The main items that are introduced in this release are:

  • Providing more content coverage with the Automated Service Modeling feature, which means that more services (with different technologies) can be modeled automatically
  • Offering enhancements to UCMDB Integrations with critical products such as Service Manager and Asset Manager
  • Allowing push of data from authorized state to actual state in UCMDB with the new Local State Push Adapter adapter
  • Offering enhanced server health check
  • Providing new and enhanced discovery troubleshooting capabilities
  • Adding support for FIPS 140-2
  • Adding support for JRE 8 and changing the recommended JRE version from 7u65 to 8u45.
  • Adding database support for PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Adding support for Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO)
  • Adding support for Safari on iPad with iOS 6 or later (for UCMDB Browser only)
  • Extending discovery support for operating systems and applications
  • Offering extended support to integrations and other improvements in the Content Pack