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What's New in CMS 10.31

Version 10.31 of the Configuration Management System consists of Universal CMDB 10.31 (UCMDB) and Universal Discovery 10.31 (UD). Version 10.31 is released in the same time frame with UCMDB Browser version 4.12 and Content Pack 22.00.

This release extends the features that were introduced in version 10.30, including improvements to the REST API, improvement to Automated Service Modeling, new content for cloud and network. Starting from this version, new modules are being migrated from the Administration module in UCMDB UI into the UCMDB Browser, with the introduction of the new package manager.

The main items that are introduced in this release are:

  • Performance and capacity

    • Improvement to the SOLR search engine

    • Added possibility for enabling a-sync history from JMX Console
    • Extended support matrix coverage

    • Hybrid user management with multiple user repositories
  • Administration and supportability

    • Providing secure access to the Probe JMX Console by making HTTPS port 8453 default
    • UCMDB ChatOps tool is available for searching for CIs and viewing information for a specified CI
    • Improvements to the UCMDB REST API
  • Discovery Content and Integrations

    • New discovery: Cloud Foundry Event Discovery
    • New integration: Micro Focus Network Automation (NA) 10.21 integration,
  • Enhancements and improvements to UCMDB Browser, including

    • A new Package Manager module in the Administration Console for UCMDB Browser
    • Improvement to the Get Related Widget
    • Improved export time for reports and loading time for embedded widgets
  • Improvements to the Automated Service Modeling feature, allowing you to

    • Manually add IP ranges to probes from UCMDB Browser, and
    • Extend service maps by manually adding an entry point to any service model component