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What's New in CMS 10.30

Version 10.30 of the Configuration Management System consists of Universal CMDB 10.30 (UCMDB) and Universal Discovery 10.30 (UD). Version 10.30 is released in the same time frame with UCMDB Browser version 4.10 and Content Pack 21.00.

This release focuses on delivering higher performance and capacity, especially for data-in operations and integrations, improvements to the Automated Service Modeling, introducing new real time discovery for the cloud based on event, and real time data synch with integrated products. The release offers a new RESTful API to the UCMDB, and extends the support matrix for deployment and discovery. The release provides new tools for easy administration and supportability.

The main items that are introduced in this release are:

  • Performance and capacity

    • Prioritizing Data-In operations and adding support for multi-threaded Data-In operations

    • Improvement to the SOLR search engine

    • Support for multiple LDAP servers and the capability for searching LDAP users

    • Extended support matrix coverage

    • Data push related improvements, including

      • data push architecture enhancement, which adds possibility for increasing the number of threads for push jobs
      • availability of live data push jobs, and
      • protecting CIs from being deleted on target CMDBs during data push
    • Replaced Oracle JRE with OpenJDK on UCMDB Server side for easier management and maintenance

  • Real time discovery for cloud

    Event based discoveries are based on events that are sent out from Cloud providers in real time. The following event based discoveries are available:

    • Docker Swarm Event Discovery
    • OpenStack Event Discovery
    • VMware vCloud Event Discovery

  • Administration and supportability

    • Support for installing a second Data Flow Probe (of union mode) on the Windows machine

    • Secure access to UCMDB by default

    • Allowing you to launch UCMDB UI from web browsers without support for NPAPI plugins
    • Enhancements and improvements to zone-based discovery

    • Easy tracking and management of hotfixes conflicts
    • Easy troubleshooting of integrations by viewing integration point log from UCMDB UI
  • Discovery Content and Integrations

    • New discoveries, including event based discoveries, IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) discovery, and Microsoft SQL Server Always On Failover Cluster instances discovery

    • New integrations, including ServiceNow-UCMDB integration using the enhanced generic adapter, NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI) integration
    • Capability of viewing status of Service Manager and Asset Manager integration jobs
  • Enhancements and improvements to UCMDB Browser, including

    • improved modeling capabilities
    • replacing the Get Related menu with the more powerful Get Related widget
    • offering improvements to the embedded widgets
    • introducing a double cache mechanism
    • enabling you to view more information of the UCMDB Browser with the new Java Metrics option
    • offering easier discovery troubleshooting by viewing discovery log from the Discovery Progress widget
  • Improvements to the Automated Service Modeling feature, allowing you to model a business service starting from a Running Software CI