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What's New in CMS Version 10.20

Version 10.20 of the Configuration Management System consists of Universal CMDB 10.20 (UCMDB), Universal Discovery 10.20 (UD), and UCMDB Configuration Manager 10.20 (CM). This release bundles UCMDB Browser version 4.00 and Content Pack 15.00.

This release focuses on reducing the time to value to achieve your business goals by introducing the new Automated Service Modeling technology and a service dashboard, visual UI for integrating UCMDB with critical products such as Service Manager and Asset Manager, and improving the discovery process.

The main items that are introduced in this release are:

  • Automated Service Modeling, which enables faster and accurate service model creation based on an entry point (usually a URL), with a top down discovery process.
  • A Service Dashboard that enables you to see all the business services at a single location, understand their relationships to the IT infrastructure, and how they impact other services. Using the Service Dashboard, you can also see different layers of the service such as the network or storage layers.

  • A visual mapping UI to easily enhance integrations with Service Manager and Asset Manager.
  • A common integration framework for push, population, and federation of data to improve the UCMDB integrations with other Software products.

  • A new audit report, to have better traceability of the actions performed in the UCMDB.

  • An easier discovery process, by adding more debugging options to provide easy access to communication logs and to allow you to run scanners with debug/trace logs.
  • Easier control of data population into the UCMDB by allowing you to use the UCMDB interface to create filters to include or exclude specific CIs during discovery population
  • Many other improvements and enhancements to discovery, administration and access to data, and extended support matrix.