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High Availability Mode JMX Methods

Troubleshooting - High Availability Mode

Upon every startup of the UCMDB server, the server sends a test message to the cluster to verify if it successfully connected to the cluster. If there is a problem with the connection, the message fails and the server is stopped to avoid the whole cluster getting stuck.

Some examples of wrong cluster encryption configuration are:

  • Disabled encryption on one node when another node enabled it.
  • Wrong or missing cluster.encryption.keystore
  • Wrong or missing key in the keystore

If the server gets stuck because of a configuration issue, the error message is:

2012-09-11 17:48:23,584 [Thread-14] FATAL - #### Server failed to connect properly to the cluster and its service is stopped! Please fix the problem and start it again ####
2012-09-11 17:48:23,586 [Thread-14] FATAL -       Potential problems can be: wrong security configuration (wrong or missing cluster.encryption.keystore, wrong key, disabled encryption in a cluster with enabled encryption)