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How to Use the User Activity Log

When troubleshooting a problem in your system, another useful tool is the User Activity log. When activated, this log records all the actions performed on your system, enabling  Software Support to reproduce the problem and troubleshoot it.

To activate the User Activity log, first verify that it is enabled:

  1. On the UCMDB server, launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console

    You may have to log in with a user name and password.

  2. Click UCMDB:service=Settings Services to open the JMX MBEAN View page.

  3. Locate the showSettingsByCategory method.

  4. Enter General Settings as the category name and click Invoke.

  5. Locate the mam.web.user.activity.log.enabled setting and verify that it is set to true.

  6. If it is set to false, go back to the Settings Services page, and select the setSettingValue method.

  7. Enter mam.web.user.activity.log.enabled as the setting and true as the value and click Invoke.

Next, change the log level to INFO:

  1. In the JMX Console, click UCMDB:service=Server Services

  2. Locate the loggersLevels method and click Invoke.

  3. Locate the com.hp.ucmdb.uiserver.aspects logger and select INFO from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Update loggers.

The log is now activated. Perform the actions that led to the problem. The User Activity log automatically records them.

When you are finished, disable the log using the loggersLevels method and selecting ERROR as the level for the com.hp.ucmdb.uiserver.aspects logger.