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How to View and Track Hotfixes Applied on UCMDB Server

The showAllBinariesApplied JMX method allows you to easily view and track all information about the hotfixes you deployed. Also, the viewSystemInformation operation includes IDs of hotfixes applied.

To view and track hotfixes deployed on UCMDB server,

  1. On the UCMDB server, launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console
  2. Enter the JMX console authentication credentials (Login name = sysadmin).

  3. Locate the following operations in the UCMDB:service=Server Services category:

    • To view IDs of hotfixes applied only, locate the viewSystemInformation operation.
    • To view and track detailed information about hotfixes deployed, locate the showAllBinariesApplied operation.
  4. Click Invoke.

    • The result page of the viewSystemInformation operation displays the system information of the UCMDB server, including the IDs of hotfixes deployed on the server. This is also saved in the supportability JMX general category output.
    • The result page of the showAllBinariesApplied operation displays detailed information about the hotfixes deployed, including hotfix type (server backend, UI server, or applet), readme file, if there're any overlapping files, and if there are any wrongly placed files. See the screenshot below for an example.