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How to Access Support Using the JMX Console

Universal CMDB provides Supportability JMX methods to help Support diagnose problems in your system. The methods use handlers for each category, which gather information relevant to that category from your system. When you run a handler for a category, it downloads a zip file of the information gathered for that category. Generally, Software Support runs the Supportability methods to help provide a solution for the issue raised.

To access the Supportability methods:

  1. On the UCMDB server, launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8443/jmx-console

    You may have to log in with a user name and password.

  2. Click UCMDB:service=Supportability Services to open the JMX MBEAN View page.

  3. The listSupportCategories method displays all the support categories:

    • To run all the handlers, invoke the runSupportHandlersForAllCategories method.

    • To run specific handlers, invoke the selectAndRunSupportHandlers method and select the handlers you want to run.

    • Alternatively, you can run specific handlers using the runSupportHandlersForSpecificCategories method. In the categories field, enter all the required handlers separated by commas, and click Invoke.