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Pre-Scan and Post-Scan Scripts

Scripts can be run by the Scanner on discovery nodes. Scripts are typically created to capture custom data on specific hardware, settings, or applications. Scripts together with related files are packaged with the Scanner and deployed to a remote machine. You can create a script using any external text editor and import into UCMDB, or you can create it using an embedded text editor.

The pre-scan scripts run at scanner start-up before the hardware and software scanning. The post-scan scripts run after the hardware and software scanning is complete.

To see more information on how to edit pre and post scan scripts, see How to Edit Pre-/Post-Scan Scripts.

Note If you create a post-scan script, you may want to map your captured data to a UCMDB attribute using the Hardware Mapping Configuration tool. To do this, see How to Map Scan File Attributes to UCMDB.

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