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How to View Discovery Resource History

Discovery resources are saved to the URM on the UCMDB Server and from there are distributed to all the Data Flow Probes.

Whenever a user changes the definition of a resource, an updated version of the resource is stored in the URM. The URM keeps all the historical revisions of each resource.

You can view changes between an older version and the current version of resources such as discovery scripts, integration and discovery adapters, discovery jobs, and so on, from the JMX console of the UCMDB Server.

Note The purpose of this task is to describe how to access the discovery resources in the JMX console for the purpose of viewing the resources and their history only.

Adding or modifying a discovery resource in the JMX console is not supported.

To view a discovery resource and its history:

  1. Log in to the UCMDB JMX console. For details, see How to Access the JMX Console.
  2. In the UCMDB JMX Quick Search box, enter listResourceTypes.
  3. Enter your Customer ID. (Default: 1)
  4. Click Invoke. The URM Services mbean is displayed.
  5. Among the UCMDB resource types displayed on this page, the following discovery resource types are displayed:

    Resource Type Description Displays Diff Metadata Displays Diff Content
    Discovery_ADAPTER_METADATA Adapter resources ü ü
    Discovery_CONFIGURATION_FILE_METADATA Configuration Files ü ü
    Discovery_JOB_METADATA Discovery job definitions ü ü
    Discovery_MODULE_METADATA Discovery modules ü ü
    Discovery_WIZARD_METADATA Activity types ü ü
    Discovery_SCRIPT_METADATA Script resources ü ü
    Discovery_BIN_RESOURCE_METADATA External resources ü û
    Discovery_DOC_METADATA PDF documents that come with the adapters ü û
    Discovery_MULTI_SCANNER_METADATA Multiple scanner packages ü û
    Discovery_SCANNER_CONFIG_METADATA Scanner configuration files ü û
    Discovery_SAI_RES_METADATA SAI resources ü û
  6. Click a resource type to view all the resources of that type.
  7. To see the history of a particular resource, click the history link in that resource's row.

    A page opens displaying the current version of the resource, as well as all its previous revisions.

  8. Click the Diff Content link to view the actual change. All changes between the selected and current revisions are displayed.

    Note The Diff Content link appears only for those resources whose changes you are able to see (see table above).